Twenty-five productive years

The partnership between Avisure/Ecosure and Gold Coast Airport (GCA) is one of the rare business relationships to stand the test of time – 25 years in fact. Since 1997, Gold Coast Airport and Avisure/Ecosure have been working together to manage the airport’s wildlife and natural environment to make the airport safer for the travelling public and wildlife species alike.

The relationship arose following a significant bird strike on Xmas Eve 1995, when an Airbus A300 on take-off from Gold Coast Airport ingested an Australian white ibis into an engine. Avisure and sister organisation, Ecosure, have been working with the airport since then. This dual approach, having wildlife hazard management (Avisure) and environmental specialists (Ecosure) on the airport works well, Matthew Bender, GCA’s manager operations and standards says.  ‘It means that we’re not only protecting the safety of the travelling public, but also ensuring that the risk to wildlife species is kept to a minimum.’ Ecosure also helps the airport to conserve species such as the small nectar- and pollen-eating Blossom bat.

Jeff McKee, Avisure/Ecosure director of research and development, says the reason why the relationship has endured is the people. ‘We’ve found that right from the beginning—from senior management to on-ground personnel, that GCA staff are very, very keen, and very, very safety-focused – keen to get on top of any problem and work with it. And likewise, our staff are young, enthusiastic – they’re biologists, aerodrome reporting officers, they’re cross-trained. Both sides have maintained a strong relationship because of their common goal – to get on top of the problem.’

Gold Coast Airport chief operations officer, Marion Charlton, reinforces that sentiment. ‘It’s a collaborative approach. We really appreciate the innovations and the science-based approach that Avisure brings to the table. It’s all about trust, and when you’re talking about people’s safety and security, there’s nothing more important than that.’ 

Thank you for that trust GCA, and we look forward to working with you long into the future.

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