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  • As part of Canberra Airports planning for its 2016 Airport Emergency Table Top Exercise one of the primary considerations was to select and commission a professional emergency exercise facilitator. The criteria in selecting our facilitator included the persons experience and knowledge within an aerodrome environment, their experience in managing emergency exercises and last but not least their professionalism.

    Jill Brix is very well known and respected within the aviation industry having gained in excess of 25 years experience. Prior to Jill joining Avisure Jill was the Operations and Standards Manager at Townsville Airport and had responsibility for facilitating and delivering various emergency exercises involving civilian and military operators. Jill was known on a professional basis to Canberra Airport Management Team due to Jill’s involvement in various working groups including CASA Aviation Sector Risk Profiling Working Group and as a presenter at Australian Airport Association forums and National conferences. As Jill was now a Principle Consultant with Avisure Canberra Airport contacted Jill to engage her and Avisures services. Based on this Jill was the ideal person to facilitate our Table Top exercise. Jill was very proactive and supportive in the lead up to and during the Table Top exercise.

    As a facilitator Jill maintained regular contact with Canberra Airport and the Airport Emergency Committee whilst the scenario was developed and evolved. Jill maintained a sensible and level headed approach to the Table Top Exercise and steered the Airport emergency Committee to meet the objective of the Table Top Exercise.     

    Canberra Airport would recommend the services of Jill Brix and Avisure to facilitate an emergency exercise scenario.

    In addition to Jill’s qualities Avisure provided timely administrative support services which is sometimes lacking with other facilitators. This allowed Canberra Airport to focus on the Table Top exercise and the objectives without unnecessary administrative burdens.

    Gary McGivern | Assistant Manager, Aeronautical Business, Canberra Airport
  • Avisure has been the Wildlife Management Service Provider under contract to the Vancouver Airport Authority since May 1st, 2014.

    During this time our respective organizations have built a collaborative working relationship, which extends beyond fulfilling the requirements of wildlife management. I attribute this to our mutual commitment in ensuring safety is paramount in everything that we do.

    Avisure ensures safe and efficient airport operations by providing expert knowledge and insights to continually improve our safety systems; this includes assisting us to mitigate our primary managed risk at YVR: Migratory birds and Wildlife attractants. Continuing collaborations in emergency preparedness and advancements in the deployment of proactive wildlife management techniques are two key areas where Avisure demonstrates their focus on safety, operational efficiency and innovation. As Avisure maintains a 24/7 presence on the airfield, they continually seek ways to advance site-specific training to ensure that when the need arises, as it often does in a busy airport, they are relied upon to get the job done safely and effectively. This last point is most impressive considering our head offices are 7000km apart.

    I highly recommend Avisure for any training, safety management and wildlife services they offer. I admire greatly Avisure’s clear commitment and passion for safety and operational effectiveness that makes them a stand-out in their respective field. 

    Arnie Jassmann | Manager Airside Planning & Development, Vancouver Airport Authority
  • Avisure has been an ongoing provider of bird strike mitigation services to Broadspectrum since March 2011. Initially Avisure worked at RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia. Due to the success of the program we have added RAAF Base Point Cook and RAAF Base East Sale, both in Victoria to the works profile.

    Avisure is engaged by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) through Broadspectrum for day to day coordination of ADF’s Aviation Wildlife Hazard Risk Mitigation Program to reduce wildlife strike risk to maintain defence capability.

    At each of these sites, there are frequent aircraft movements of various aircraft type to support the operations at each base. The Bases are susceptible to wildlife strike due to overabundance of risk species in the regions.

    Avisure work includes:
    • active wildlife management
    • real-time communication with ATC and Pilots to assist with wildlife and aircraft separation
    • habitat and wildlife surveys and risk assessment
    • wildlife hazard management plan, procedures and reports
    • stakeholder engagement
    • wildlife risk debriefs to Airside Operations
    • monitoring and ensuring adherence to legislative compliances
    • assisting in updating notifications, ATIS, NOTAM, Enroute Supplement and
    • assisting the Base managers with review of development Plan on and off aerodrome land.

    As a result of Avisure’s efforts, there has been zero damaging wildlife strikes at RAAF Edinburgh since their engagement compared to an average of six in previous years.

    We have found that Avisure remains compliant with industry standards and keeps stakeholders well informed. They strive for continual improvement under their certified Integrated Management System both within their company and the project and have a proactive and positive attitude towards both projects and stakeholders.

    They are team players and want a win/win outcome for all stakeholders. Avisure are flexible, whether it is in adopting better business practices or being available at short notice when required.

    In summary, Avisure display the qualities that make a successful company and successful client partnership. They are dependable, motivated and in tune with the needs of the industry and stakeholder. I highly recommend Avisure to any company who require these specialised services.

    Nick Anderson | Regional Environmental Services Manager, Broadspectrum
  • Sydney Airport is the busiest airport in the southern hemisphere operating three runways. We have a “Safety First” focus with respect to our responsibility for wildlife management.

    Since 2008 we have had AVISURE prepare our Wildlife Management Plan and assist with the implementation through monitoring, reporting and training. In that time AVISURE have clearly demonstrated an ability to provide a high level of service remote from its head office. AVISURE are highly regarded in our aviation community, respected as leaders in this field and their ability to deliver consistently across a range of ports.

    If you require further information regarding AVISURE and our program, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Anthony Conte | Manager Airfield Operations & Compliance, Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
  • Could you please pass on my thanks to all your staff for the training. It was all very worthwhile and a good learning experience.

    I don’t want to single anyone out but the classroom work really stands out.

    I enjoyed it all and everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcome and involved.

    10 points Phil, thanks very much.

    Norm Mannix | Wildlife Officer, Christchurch International Airport
  • Thanks Chris

    We were saying after you left how interesting it all is and how good it was to talk to you who knows so much about it.

    It was obviously a mutually enjoyable experience!

    Sheryle de Bruyn | Airport Planning and Compliance Manager, Archerfield Airport Corporation
  • Avisure doesn’t only provide a high level training package, they demonstrate the importance of developing an effective wildlife management plan that is practical and effective on our airfield. Their comprehensive experience with identifying bird species has been a huge benefit to the whole team at Darwin International Airport and we look forward to working closely with them in the near future

    Maria Norman | Airport Operations Officer, Northern Territory Airports Pty Ltd
  • Gold Coast Airport has a long-term partnership with Avisure, working together since July 1997 to mitigate the wildlife risk to flight operations. Avisure’s diverse and highly skilled team brings industry knowledge, best practice, and real-world solutions to the complex and intricate challenges we face with wildlife hazard management. The Avisure team have first-hand knowledge of our operations acting as part of our wildlife management team during periods of greatest wildlife strike risk. Their team provides practical solutions that address both biological and operations risks and challenges.

    Joel Sinclair | Airside Operations Supervisor, Gold Coast Airport
  • Darwin International Airport has had an association with Phil and the Avisure team for a number of year, which has included training, assisting with developing wildlife hazard management plans and procedures; risk assessments and trials. Avisure recently conducted training sessions for our Airside Operations staff. Jeff and Jill’s passion, expert knowledge and delivery of the training ensured positive engagement from all attendees and feedback noted the relevance of the content and how beneficial the training was and how this has assisted with understanding the importance in managing wildlife hazards. Darwin International Airport looks forward to working with Avisure in the future.

    Mike Clancy | Airside Operations Manager, Darwin International Airport
  • Our work with Phil Shaw and his team at Avisure aimed to develop a comprehensive guide to wildlife hazard management for Australian airport operators. We were very pleased that Phil and his team went above and beyond to develop a document for the airport sector that covers all aspects of wildlife hazard management.  The end product is a fantastic resource for aerodrome operators that was produced on budget and on-time, which is very important for a not for profit, member based organisation.

    What we appreciated most about working with Phil and his team was their expert knowledge and attention to detail, which resulted in an extremely comprehensive product that has been very well received by industry.

    Jared Feehely | Regional Airports Officer, Australian Airports Association
  • I was responsible for choosing and selecting a new wildlife management consultancy service provider for Bahrain International Airport. Avisure were selected ahead of some strong competition for a variety of reasons, but primarily their focus on Customer Service and working with us in partnership. Throughout the project delivery Avisure has provided professional and prompt service, ensuring that all key milestones have been achieved against schedule, whilst responding to changing circumstances with a flexible and efficient approach.

    Mohamed AlSayed | Head of Rescue & Firefighting Service, Bahrain Airport Company
  • I enjoyed Avisure’s presentation on Aircrew Training at the International Conference in Stavanger. I think their message is right on target, and I have taken that charge for NBAA represented pilots in the US.

    Capt. Gary Cooke | Chair, Bird Strike Working Group, National Business Aviation Association
  • Avisure brought a high degree of scientific rigor to the process through standardised monitoring, knowledge of wildlife behavior, habitat and reporting. This coupled with their understanding of operational aerodromes both in a military and civilian context provided a sound approach to managing the potential for wildlife-aircraft strike…Since Avisure have been appointed to RAAF Base Edinburgh the risk of wildlife-aircraft strike has decreased, aircrew are safer and the level of management of this important issue has been lifted to a new benchmark.

    Mark Donaghey, Department of Defence | DSG Central and West
  • We at AusALPA truly appreciated Avisure's input into our training day. Airports are close to the hearts of all pilots as they are the common place for arriving and departing, therefore safety at an airport is paramount. Leaning on the knowledge and expertise of Avisure enabled our pilot representatives to be more aware of the risks involved with bird strikes, wild life hazards and other pertinent natural dangers at airports. Jeff was engaging and informative, he is truly passionate about his job and it showed. We look forward to a continuing working relationship with Avisure and will be using your services in further training days.

    Alex Dunbar, AusALPA
  • Avisure has provided a continued high level of support to Mackay Airport since 2005. Together, we have developed a proactive Wildlife Hazard Management Plan for Mackay Airport for the effective control of its resident and migratory bird population.  Avisure has also provided invaluable training to the Airport Safety Officers on bird and wildlife identification and effective management techniques. This has significantly reduced the number of bird strikes to aircraft and enhanced the safety of aircraft operations at our airport.

    Phil Clark, Manager Aviation Operations – Mackay Airport