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Introducing … Tony Conte

He’s someone in the industry who probably needs no introduction to many, having been an integral part of making Sydney Airport operations run smoothly for 34 years.

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Avisure farewells Vancouver International Airport

For the past nine years, Avisure has been contracted to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Canada’s second busiest airport, to safely deliver the airport’s wildlife management program. YVR’s location on Sea Island in the Fraser River Delta make it essential for the airport to lead a comprehensive 24/7 wildlife program as the surrounding marshes, mudflats and agricultural habitats on and around the delta attract millions of shorebirds, waterfowl, and gulls each year.

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Know your seasons and reasons

Autumn – March, April and May – in northern parts of Australia is often marked by increasing flying- fox activity, as they fly to feed on the nectar of flowering melaleuca and eucalypts.

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Microlight Milly at Ballina

Milly Formby flew into Ballina just before Easter, on her epic ‘migration’ around Australia. Avisure, having strong connections to the area through ongoing work with Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (BBGA), was proud to sponsor the Ballina leg of her journey. Jill Brix, Avisure general manager, and Julie Stewart, BBGA manager, caught up with Milly after her arrival.

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Introducing … Milly Formby

Milly Formby is a multi-talented zoologist and self-confessed bird nerd, who is flying an Airborne M4 Sport microlight 20,000 km around the coast of Australia to highlight the importance of shorebirds, sharing her passion and adventures with primary schools on the way.

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