Our company

Avisure is an aviation risk consultancy that works internationally from offices located at Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Seattle.

Our Mission

We revolutionise aviation risk management

Our Vision

To be the world’s most influential private organisation for advancing aviation risk management

Core values

Passion is at the heart of our company. Passion is our internal motivator. It’s an energy that comes from within. We are passionate about making a change. We are committed in heart and mind.

We’re optimistic about the future. We are hopeful about the future and seek success in what we do as a business and for our clients. We seek out the good in things first. Optimism allows us to inspire those around us even when the going gets tough.

We lead by example. We empower, guide and motivate people around us. We show ownership and pride in what we deliver. We continuously seek innovative solutions. We are courageous.

We work together as one team, across regions and disciplines. We laugh and have fun every day. We trust, support and look out for each other. We celebrate our successes and failures…. That’s how we learn! We respect ideas and opinions of others.

We act with integrity and respect. We believe in ethical commercial and social practice. We are honest, open, genuine and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word. We know where to draw the line.

We act on opportunities immediately. We anticipate the needs of our clients and our internal stakeholders. We go above and beyond to achieve the highest quality outcomes. We listen and tailor our services. We work quickly, diligently and deliver on time.

Our story

Since 1996, our expert team has worked with some of the world’s busiest airports, including Changi International Airport, Sydney International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport. Our team also works with airlines, aviation regulators, policy developers, pilots, and airport safety teams. We provide industry guidance through our involvement with numerous national and international wildlife management committees.

Located in Australia and the USA, our exceptional team specialises in identifying wildlife hazards and providing realistic options to manage those hazards. Reducing the incidence of wildlife and bird strikes, and their consequences are our passion. Whether it is working with teams on the ground, or driving high-level policy and influencing decision-making, we aim to make a difference.

Avisure also specialises in operational safety services. Implementing systems will reduce risk, improve safety, environmental outcomes, and increase efficiencies in your business.

Our key to success is working with our clients to build sustainable and effective programs. We draw on our quality expertise that has come from years of experience.

Why Choose Avisure

Avisure is an industry leader in bird strike risk management. Our extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of wildlife behaviour and aircraft operations has taken the Avisure team to more than 70 national, international and military airports since 1996. Our expertise helps our clients to reduce bird and wildlife hazards with comprehensive risk management strategies, staff training and ongoing management programs.

Avisure aims to provide the aviation industry with the world’s best products, processes, research and expert advice to ultimately reduce the occurrence of bird and wildlife strike and establish a benchmark in the industry that encourages a global proactive approach to bird strike management.

Making a difference drives our enthusiasm to deliver quality in everything we do. Our focus is growing long-term relationships with our clients by ensuring quality delivery.

Avisure - an EXCELLENT choice for your wildlife hazard management



Avisure has solid and diverse aviation experience—supporting the aviation industry with specialist wildlife expertise for over 25 years.*



Avisure’s team are tertiary-qualified professionals, including wildlife biologists cross-trained in airport operations and complemented by technicians with practical, on-the-ground understanding of airports, large and small.



Avisure has a demonstrated ability to engage with stakeholders to achieve the desired hazard management outcome.



Avisure has a history of satisfied clients, evidence of our ability to deliver effective results.

What makes Avisure different?

  • We are industry leaders in Australia having developed the Department of Defence (DoD) National Wildlife Hazard Management Strategy. We continue to lead and deliver today.
  • With teams and key personnel located in Australia, Canada and USA, we are an internationally recognised and regarded company, with numerous successful projects completed throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Pacific and the Middle East.
  • Our tertiary-qualified team of specialists include wildlife biologists, veterinarians and environmental scientists, who are also trained in airport safety and operations.
  • We believe positive and productive relationships with our clients are paramount to achieving the desired project outcomes. Our clients are included in every step of the way.
  • Our recommendations and advice rely heavily on the objective analysis of data collected in the field via scientifically robust surveys and assessments. Results of these analyses form the foundation for clear, unbiased and realistic recommendations to best manage the problem. There is no guesswork.
  • We have a thorough understanding of aviation, safety, and environmental legislative requirements to ensure a compliant and ethical management approach.
  • We appoint only experienced project managers to each program to ensure outcomes are met on time and to budget.
  • Our Integrated Management System for Quality Assurance, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety is certified against ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.
  • Our key services are designed to identify, manage and monitor the core issues. We don’t believe in quick-fix solutions

Quality Safety and Environment

Avisure’s Integrated Management System (IMS) streamlines our business operations to guarantee customer satisfaction, increased staff safety and lower our environmental impact. Our Australian operation is certified against ISO 14001 (environmental impact), ISO 9001 (quality assurance) and ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety).

AS-NZS 9001 Certified logo

Quality Assurance

We are committed to the provision of high-quality client service that consists of giving our clients what they want, engaging well with our clients and offering more value to our clients than others.

We are committed to:

  • understanding our clients’ needs and what ‘good looks like’ for each client
  • developing deliverables to match our clients’ needs
  • keeping our clients appraised of any potential issues, changes, or delays, before the time or as soon as we become aware of them
  • practicing ‘good science’ through ‘good people’ who are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in their fields
  • seeking, recording, and acting on feedback.

To achieve our commitment, we:

  • plan our proposed approach and ensure we have our client’s agreement before proceeding
  • set expectations and always deliver on our promises
  • provide all our deliverables in accordance with our standards and procedures
  • maintain the confidentiality of our clients
  • plan, implement and evaluate our projects in accordance with our procedures
  • develop, implement, monitor, and review business plans for each of our products
  • implement and maintain a Quality system in conformance with the requirements of ISO 9001
  • each make an active contribution to understanding and improving our products through great science and client service.
ISO 45001 - Avisure

Occupational Health and Safety

We are committed to providing a safe, happy, and healthy workplace for employees, subcontractors, clients, and visitors, achieved through working together with a goal of zero harm.

We believe that all tasks can be performed safely and without injury, that harm is preventable, and that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

We are committed to:

  • placing the safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and customers above all else
  • empowering all employees to take responsibility for the safety of themselves and other by identifying and understanding risk, and stopping and task which they feel is unsafe
  • encouraging employees to speak up about safety concerns
  • ensuring that we meet our statutory and moral obligations to employees.

To achieve our commitment, we:

  • proactively seek to identify and control hazards to prevent injury or illness
  • encourage and respect all contributions by employees towards the improvement of workplace health and safety
  • ensure all employees are competent by providing information, consultation, and training in safe methods of work
  • establish safety systems into all our tasks and procedures
  • comply with Workplace Health & Safety legislation and regulations
  • implement and maintain an Occupational Health & Safety system in conformance with the requirements of AS/NZS 4801
  • establish measurable objectives and targets to promote improved Occupational Health & Safety performance in consultation with employees and managers
  • review our OH&S policy annually for suitability and adequacy
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility; therefore, we require our employees to:
  • follow all safe work practices, procedures, and instructions
  • work together to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others
  • encourage other employees to work in a safe manner
  • participate in training
  • speak up, report, and actively participate in identifying and controlling hazards.
AS-NZS 14001 Certified logo

Environmental Impact

Avisure is committed to caring for the environment by reducing our impacts wherever possible. In our workplace, we are committed to a continuous improvement framework which starts with monitoring our energy and resource consumption and regularly implementing new initiatives in our effort to tread lightly.

We are committed to:

  • being the difference that changes forever and for the better the way people care for the environment
  • leaving the world better than we found it.

To achieve our commitment, we:

  • systematically analyse our work systems to reduce our non-renewable resource use, increase our efficiencies, become carbon neutral, make use of renewable resources, and decrease our environmental footprint
  • implement monitoring systems with the use of indicators and alerts to inform continuous improvement mechanisms
  • monitor energy and fuel use within a continuous improvement framework, to enable reductions in our carbon footprint across the organisation and provide an early warning system when use exceeds expectations
  • go paperless wherever practicable, otherwise use 100% recycled, if not 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock
  • implement an environmentally sound purchasing policy which includes purchasing second-hand or reclaimed items, such as office furniture and equipment
  • encourage and respect all contributions by employees towards reducing our environmental impact
  • hosting an annual camping trip to areas such as South Stradbroke Island for Clean-up Australia Day, clearing rubbish from the dunes and waterways between South Currigee Campground and the Gold Coast Seaway
  • participate in environmental awareness and fund-raising events such as National Ride to Workday, Earth Hour, Clean up Australia day, National Tree Day and many others
  • implement and maintain an Environmental Management System in conformance with the requirements of ISO 14001
  • educate and assist our clients to minimise their impact on the environment through great science and our positive environmental influence.


Ecosure is Avisure’s sister company.

It is one of Australia’s largest fully-certified environmental consultancies. They work with both government and the private sector to achieve desired results, while maintaining compliance and minimising natural disruption.

World-class solutions to environmental problems.

Working across the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Adelaide and Sydney, more than 90 environmental in-house specialists offer practical solutions, no matter how large or small the project scope.

With some of the country’s most trusted scientists on the team, Ecosure has the expertise to assist your industry.

Compliant with international Environment (ISO 14001:15), Quality (ISO 9001:15) and Australian Safety (AS/NZS 4801) standards, our streamlined internal management systems increase operational efficiency and lower costs, so we can offer clients leading practitioners in their field at reasonable rates.

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