Our industry sectors

Working with many industry sectors to achieve positive outcomes for the environment, our clients and the community.

Research, development and innovation

Avisure’s extensive collaboration with industry and academia across Australia, North America, and Europe involves rigorous studies of wildlife and human behaviour. Focused on aviation safety, human health, and wildlife conservation, our innovative solutions include long-grass management, canine-assisted wildlife control, laser applications, avian radar, and remote sensing technologies, as detailed in our Publications and Presentations list.

Department of Defence

The wildlife hazard profile in military aviation can be very different to civil aviation. For this reason we adapt our wildlife management and risk mitigation services accordingly, and with great success. Our work with RAAF Edinburgh in Australia has set the benchmark for Wildlife Management Programs at military aviation installations throughout Australia.

Together with one of the world’s leading sustainability consultancy firms, ERM, we developed the National Wildlife Hazard Management Strategy for Australia’s Department of Defence.

Image above courtesy of Department of Defence

Gold Coast Airport

Airports – large and small

From delivering training programs in the Middle East, to auditing military airfields throughout Australia, to coordinating entire Wildlife Management Programs in Canada … our airport work is extensive. Our wildlife management and risk mitigation services are adaptable to all airport types in all environments.

Airlines and

Airlines and their pilots play a crucial role in wildlife strike management. They experience firsthand strike events, and bear the costs of aircraft damage and flight delays. For this reason, we work with airlines to develop procedures and plans to respond to, and manage, wildlife hazards in the air and on the ground.


Our work with local government is diverse and extends far beyond the airport fence. Not only do we develop wildlife hazards programs at airports owned and operated by local government, but we also work closely with landfill operations, sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment facilities and any other wildlife attracting land-use that falls under the local government jurisdiction, to manage wildlife hazards.

Engineering and Consulting firms

Large engineering firms that manage major infrastructure works on, and close to, airports, often need our unique and niche expertise. Major works such as runway extensions, new airport developments, or even major road bypass works, can influence the wildlife strike risk that requires specialised mitigation.

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