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Episode 5

In this episode Kylie Patrick is joined again by our Principal Biologist, Will Jamieson, where they talk about some key rules airports should consider if they want their wildlife hazard management programs to be effective.

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Avicast-Avisure Podcast_Next Episode Coming Soon

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Kylie Patrick is joined by Martin Ziviani, Senior Wildlife Biologist for  Avisure. In this Avicast episode, Kylie and Marty talk about using dogs on airports to disperse wildlife. They discuss what’s involved in finding the right dog, training the dog and handler, and some of the risks and challenges with using dogs on airports.

Avicast - Episode 3 - Role of Regulator in Wildlife Management

Kylie Patrick is joined by Nick Yearwood, a freelance aviation consultant from the UK (International Birdstrike) who worked for the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority for 36 years. Nick’s regulatory experience spans oversight/ compliance, policy decision making with international influencing, working with airport operators, global air carriers, and ground handling organisations. As a regulator, he spent many years working with airports around the UK and EU on wildlife  hazard management, and in this episode Kylie and Nick talk about the role of the regulator in aviation wildlife hazard management.

Avicast Episode 2 - Managing Kangaroo Risk at Airports

Avisure’s Principal Consultant, Kylie Patrick is joined by our Principal Biologist/Regional Manager, Will Jamieson. In this episode Kylie and Will talk about a uniquely Australian issue, kangaroos on airports. They discuss the significant strike risk associated with such a large terrestrial mammal and how airports can manage the risk, with a particular emphasis on good fences to exclude them from airside areas. 

Episode 1 Avicast - Introducing Avisure - Avisure's Podcast

Avisure’s Principal Consultant, Kylie Patrick, is joined by Phil Shaw, Managing Director of Avisure and Ecosure. In this first AviCast episode, Kylie and Phil talk about what listeners can expect from AviCast, introduce the global bird strike database, and discuss some of the strengths and challenges in the way the aviation industry approaches wildlife hazard management.


Avicast is Avisure’s very own podcast, focusing on trends and news in the aviation wildlife industry.

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