Wildlife hazard monitoring and management


Your wildlife management program is not managing your strike risks.


Develop a strategic and integrated wildlife hazard management program that complies with regulatory requirements, aligns with industry best practice, and is congruent to your risks and operations.

Avisure build airport-specific wildlife management programs that addresses each your unique wildlife issue whilst ensuring that the effort required to implement it corresponds with your operations and resource availability.

We can create a program that:

  • Is based on:
    • regulatory and legislative requirements
    • international best practice and standards
    • data analysis
    • risk assessments.
  • Is focussed on:
    • key risk species
    • key airside attractions
    • off-aerodrome attractants
    • includes policies and procedures that align with identified hazards and reflect the aerodrome’s operational capability and availability of resources
    • identifies management, training, and resource gaps
    • is regularly evaluated for effectiveness and regulatory compliance
    • is dynamic and can readily adapt to changes in wildlife strike risk profile.

We can also provide personnel to help implement the program, or supplement parts of it. Our expert team:

  • Have ARO/WSO qualifications
  • Have radio proficiency certificates
  • Have ASICs (for Australian airports)
  • Are experienced with operating on airports and have good situational awareness
  • Are trained in all aspects wildlife hazard management including:
    • Wildlife dispersal
    • Firearms use (for lethal control and pyrotechnics)
    • Wildlife counts
    • Hazard communication
    • Strike reporting
    • Handling wildlife and wildlife remains
    • Habitat management


A robust, efficient and effective program mitigates your wildlife risks, reduces your strike rate, and demonstrates to stakeholders and authorities a commitment to providing safe operations and satisfies the requirement of continual improvement as part of the aerodrome SMS framework.

Avisure at Work

Avisure and Gold Coast Airport have been working together since 1998 to manage the risk of wildlife strike.
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