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Species Spotlight – Australian White Ibis

The continuing wet weather along the east coast of Australia creates favourable conditions especially for the Australian white ibis, Threskiornis moluccus, and its cousin, the straw-necked ibis (T. spinicollis). Known affectionately as the ‘bin chicken’ or ‘tip turkey’, the white ibis, traditionally more of an inland species, has adapted well to urban coastal environments.

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Know your seasons and reasons

Autumn – March, April and May – in northern parts of Australia is often marked by increasing flying- fox activity, as they fly to feed on the nectar of flowering melaleuca and eucalypts.

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Black Kites

Did you know that black kites, (Milvus migrans), which are on the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s top 10 species struck list, are likely to be an even higher strike risk following record rainfall on Australia’s east coast so far this year?

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