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What does your data collection and reporting look like? Do you need help?

Keeping records of all activity related to your aerodrome’s wildlife hazard management is fundamental to the Wildlife Hazard Management Plan. Data is required to assess the effectiveness of the Plan as a whole as well as specific trends.


As leading experts in wildlife strike mitigation and aviation safety, we understand the importance of data for effective wildlife hazard management. We analyse and interpret data to identify an aerodrome’s wildlife strike risk and assist in improving wildlife hazard management programs.

Avisure uses a combination of tablet and data management apps for data capture. We use data analysis programs to automate data delivery into online interactive wildlife summary reports to our clients, increasing efficiency and enable cost benefits.

We can set up accounts on behalf of your aerodrome in our third-party data collection app and data analysis program. Avisure can then create customised forms for use on multiple devices (e.g. phones and tablets). We can also create standardised reports in our third-party data analysis program. These reports may include:

  • wildlife density and distribution maps
  • dispersal heat maps
  • wildlife activity trends
  • habitat and site usage charts
  • flying-fox transit maps
  • grass height maps
  • significant specials maps
  • vegetation maps
  • preparation of detailed online reports.

Our team has experience in the preparation and creation of:

  • data management procedures
  • client specific database templates
  • data management presentations.


It is important that aerodromes keep accurate data because of the increased tendency towards airlines and/or their insurers to peruse legal actions to recover the costs of damage.

The use of standardised data and analysis will asisst to better quantify environmental risk factors, test the effeicgness of different management interventiosnk and development mandment stratagies to reduce risk. 

Avisure at Work

Avisure has been consulting to Ballina Airport since 2005 assisting with the development and implementation of their wildlife management program.
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