On-airport assessment


Out-of-date, non-compliant or poorly executed wildlife management programs that are not managing your wildlife strike risks. 


An assessment of your wildlife hazard management program to identify gaps and improve the way you monitor, manage and document your wildlife strike risks.

Our Wildlife Hazard Assessments are like a health-check of your wildlife management program and include:

  • Compliance checks against national regulations (e.g. MOS Part 139) and international best practice standards
  • Wildlife surveys at the airport and at land uses within 13km of the airfield that are likely to attract wildlife
  • A risk assessment to determine the actual and potential risks posed by wildlife. We use semi-quantitative, industry-endsorsed risk assessment methods.
  • Evaluations of land use activity within 13km of an airfield and the potentrial contribution to the wildlife strike risk. In Australia, this is in accordance with the National Airports Safeguarding Framework – Guideline C.
  • A review of all documents, policies and procedures related to managing wildlife hazards.
  • A series of recommendations to improve your wildlife management program and reduce your wildlife strike rate.


A Wildlife Hazard Assessment ensures your program is effective, compliant and moving in the right direction.  

Avisure at Work

We undertook on-site assessment of Brisbane Airport (BNE)’s current wildlife management program
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