Landscape review


Landscaping on or around airport attracts, or has the potential to attract, wildlife that contributes to the wildlife strike risk.


Have a wildlife hazard management expert review proposed landscaping planting schedules, or assess existing landscaped areas, to determine the level of wildlife attraction and the subsequent impact on the airport’s strike risk.

Avisure understands that land use and landscaping within the vicinity of an aerodrome, if not considered carefully, may attract wildlife. This can contribute to an aerodrome’s wildlife strike risk. Risk will escalate the closer to the airport such landscapes are developed and escalates further as the landscapes mature. Mature landscapes provide incrementally more nesting, roosting, perching and foraging sites in the year’s following planting.

Native trees, decorative trees, fruit trees, shrubs, gardens, and turf can be particularly attractive to wildlife because they offer feeding, sheltering, roosting, and nesting opportunities Shrubs and trees that produce nectar, berries, fruit or seed will attract birds and flying-foxes. Many birds roost in trees and some species form large communal roosts. Even insects that use trees can attract a suite of bird species. 

Landscape features that also encouraged wildlife to use are drains, water retention facilities, and even areas that are temporarily inundated with water after rain. 

There are no formal obligations for aerodromes and off-airport land users  relating to landscaping on and around airports, but there is an implied risk if your landscaping promotes a wildlife strike risk at a nearby aerodrome.  


Reviews will comment on the plant species and landscape elements/features within the context of wildlife attract to minimise any future strike risk contribution at an aerodrome near your site. This will help mitigate the risk your landscaping might pose to an aerodrome.  

Avisure at Work

Western Sydney Planning Partnership – Review of Landscape Species List for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis
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