Phil Shaw

Managing Director

Diploma of Education (Secondary)

Southern Cross University 1995

Bachelor of Science (Ecology)

University of New England 1989

Phil is Australia’s leading professional in the field of wildlife strike risk assessment and mitigation within the aviation industry. He is internationally recognized in this field, having completed projects at over 60 airports in the Middle East, South Pacific, New Zealand the Pacific and Australia. Phil sat on the International Birdstrike Committee’s Steering Committee and is the only Australian to have done so. 

Phil has worked in the environment industry for over 20 years. He is owner and Managing Director of two very successful companies – Ecosure and Avisure. Since 1994 Phil has grown Ecosure into an award winning company that is now one of the largest ecology-based environmental consultancies in Australia. Avisure has recently opened it’s first international office in Vancouver, Canada.

Phil is passionate about delivering practical environmental outcomes. He achieves this primarily by inspiring those around him, and he has earned a reputation as a visionary who long ago adopted the triple bottom line philosophy, well before it became expected business practice. Stakeholder and community engagement and guiding committees are particular strengths. He has chaired, participated in, or provided technical advice to more than fifteen committees relating to various environmental matters.

Phil has experience in:

  • bird and wildlife research and management
  • project management and quality control
  • environmental management planning 
  • preparation and delivery of environmental management plans and programs 
  • stakeholder engagement
  • community consultation
  • environmental survey and long term monitoring programs 
  • vertebrate and invertebrate pest management
  • threatened species recovery
  • habitat restoration.

 Career Highlights

  • Establishing two successful environmental businesses
  • Employing over 90 staff dedicated to environmental restoration and improving environmental outcomes
  • Ecosure winning Gold Coast City Council’s Environment Award for 2008 Business Excellence Awards
  • Achieving ISO certification for Ecosure/Avisure for quality, environment and safety systems
  • Instrumental in the formation of the Koala Research Network: a network of government and non-government organisations including eight Universities and research institutes
  • First Australian member of the International Birdstrike Committee Steering Committee
  • Vice President of Gold Coast Enviroindustry Association
  • Founding member of the Ibis Management Coordination Group: through this group guided the humane and holistic management of Australian White Ibis in South-east Queensland for the past 17 years
  • Working with a team to develop technologies to replace organo-chlorine termiticides resulting in this class of pesticide being banned in Australia in 1995
  • Opening his first international branch of Avisure in Vancouver, Canada.

Professional Development

  • Managing People for performance
  • Environmental auditors course

Professional Associations

  • Member, Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand
  • Former Vice President, Gold Coast EnviroIndustry Association
  • Steering Committee, International Birdstrike Committee
  • Steering Committee, Koala Research Network