Avicast – of ducks, fluffy or otherwise

Avicast is Avisure’s very own podcast, focusing on news and trends in aviation wildlife hazard management. The podcast celebrates two years of production in February 2023, with 23 monthly episodes produced to date.

Host of Avicast is Kylie Patrick, Avisure’s highly experienced principal consultant, who says Avicast was born from the disruption and uncertainty of the Covid pandemic. ‘When everyone’s world was turned upside down, we were looking for a way to reach colleagues and networks to share the huge volume of experience the team at Avisure have accumulated, and to help people access our services.’

The next episode, where host Patrick talks duck management with Avisure senior wildlife biologist, Alexandra Stone, will be released on 1 March. This will be the first of the new bimonthly Avicast releases, with new episodes available in May, July, September and November. Avisure will continue to release a new episode bimonthly across a range of topics—from a focus on managing individual species, to guest speakers from international wildlife hazard groups; and panels of experts discussing key issues, such as wildlife risk management strategies.

Upcoming podcasts this year will explore topics such as ‘communicating hazards’ and offer practical advice on ‘how to do a bird count’.

Top 3 Avicasts episodes

The first episodes aired in February 2021, and Patrick says there is now an extensive back catalogue of 23 episodes, featuring Avisure and international experts on a range of topics.  ‘We don’t expect every episode to be relevant to everyone,’ she says, ‘but we hope that our diverse global audience can scroll through our back catalogue and find useful information there.’

‘We would also love to hear from you of any topics you would like to see included on Avicast, or if you would like to share your expertise,’ Patrick says.  Maybe we should specify ‘wildlife hazard management expertise’ … as much as it would be fascinating to hear your tips on how to make the perfect cocktail, even if it is a wildlife-themed Fluffy Duck?

In 2005, podcast was the ‘word of the year’ in the New Oxford American Dictionary (a combination of ‘pod’ from Apple’s iPod and ‘cast’ from broadcast)

There are currently approximately 2.5 million podcasts listed in Apple podcasts (2022 figures).

Of these, only about 450,000 are active (i.e. have broadcast in the previous 90 days)

In 2022, more than a quarter of Americans aged over 12 had listened to a podcast in the previous week.

International Podcast Day is celebrated on 30 September each year—www.internationalpodcastday.com

To listen to Avicast

On your PC or laptop

Go to the Avicast page on the Avisure website and click on the podcast episode you wish to listen to. 

On your mobile device

Go to iTunes or Apple Podcasts (for iPhones), or Google Podcasts for Androids, type Avicast in the search bar, select Avicast, and click on the subscribe button beside the podcast artwork. Each episode will be downloaded to your library for future listening. 

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