Message from the Avisure General Managers

Message from the GM’s

With legislative changes, planning around a pandemic and many airports juggling with fewer people but increased workloads, 2020-2021 has been a memorable year. Despite the changes, as our newsletter stories convey, our Avisure team have been training, assessing off airport risks and helping airports with their wildlife hazard management programs, emergency management exercises and works safety. We have also expanded our team with additional administration and project support and welcome Charlotte and Laura. Our success is due to the wonderful people we get to work with and who have remained proactive and positive throughout the most challenging times in aviation history and keep aviation safety at the forefront to ensure that the flight remains one of the safest means of transport. We honour and thank you.

2020/21 was a year that embraced change, with flexible work arrangements and on -line meetings, and in many aspects returning to the times of yesteryear in remote parts of Australia when you listened to the radio for news and kept in contact via radio. Today you can hear the soft tones of our Avisure voice, Kylie Patrick on the podcasts which is broadcast monthly. We are also involved in keeping the industry informed through on-line ICAO/AAWHG webinar and Flight Safety Foundation BARS meetings. Whilst in the theme of getting back to basics we have included stories about two species – the Fairy Marin and the Coyote – the more you know about them the better you are equipped to manage them. In similar vein, we discuss one of the most successful human-wildlife interactions and how it can be applied to aviation safety – the dog, and their history on wildlife hazard management on airfields.

I hope you enjoy our newsletter and remember if you if you have a problem, if you need some help, contact the Avisure team. 😊

Jill Brix, General Manager Avisure Australia

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Although the pandemic is not nearly over and many people around the world are still recovering from the past year, there are glimmers of hope for our industry.

On June 13, the US recorded over 2 million people passing through TSA checkpoints. That’s still about 20% less than 2019, but it’s over 2.75 times more than 2020. I had the chance to travel at the end of May and I was impressed by people’s optimism about travel and everyone’s compliance with strict standards to keep people safe.

Our teams in North America have continued to provide aviation risk management solutions through our wildlife management programs. This puts us on great footing coming back to busy times on airfields and in terminals.

As always, thanks goes out to our amazing team and great clients.

Jeff Follett, General Manager Avisure Services

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