Jessica Radford - Wildlife Biologist - Avisure

Meet Jessica Radford

Jessica Radford is Avisure’s newest employee, undertaking a Wildlife Biologist role on sites in Victoria.

Jess followed up a Bachelor of Zoology and Animal Science with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) analysing population dynamics of crested terns at multiple colonies along Bass Strait. This project along with university study tours saw Jess travelling to Borneo and Japan, then to Darwin to present her research at the Australasian Ornithological Conference. With a passion and interest for both birds and travelling Australia, Jess has worked surveying birds throughout the Grampians region of Victoria, then as a bird observer aboard the RV Investigator. At sea she travelled the Southern Ocean from Hobart to Fremantle, then again from Brisbane to Darwin via the Coral Sea and Torres Strait.

Locally, Jess is the Vice President of Geelong Intrepid Landcare, a volunteer-led group engaging the community in environmentally-focussed projects. She is married with two beautiful fur children, Bandit and Max, and hobbies include the sport of Strongwoman in which she won her first competition in January. Jess is very excited to be joining the team of Avisure and looks forward to working with you all

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