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Introducing Avicast

Avisure has joined the podcast phenomenon with the release of its new interview series, Avicast. Host of Avicast is Kylie Patrick, principal consultant at Avisure, who says she has been a ‘big consumer of podcasts for a long time’. ‘You can be educated, or entertained,’ and listen to them in your own time, not just when a program is being broadcast, Patrick says. Above all, the fact you can listen to them on the go—commuting, travelling or working out—having that mobility, is a great plus.

‘When everyone’s world was turned upside down last year, we were looking for a way to reach colleagues and networks, to share the huge volume of experience the team at Avisure have accumulated, and to help people access our services.’ Avicast was created in response to this challenge.

The first three Avicast episodes were launched in February this year: an interview with Avisure founder and principal, Phil Shaw; Avisure principal biologist, Will Jamieson, talking with Patrick about the uniquely Australian wildlife hazard management challenge posed by kangaroos; and Patrick in conversation with Nick Yearwood, a specialist aviation wildlife consultant from the UK, who had 36 years with the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

In the March episode, host Patrick and Avisure senior wildlife biologist, Martin Ziviani, discuss using dogs on airports to disperse wildlife.

Each month, Avisure will release a new episode across a range of topics—from a focus on individual species, such as flying foxes, to guest speakers from international wildlife hazard groups such as the World Birdstrike Association, the UK committee; and panels of experts discussing key issues, such as wildlife risk management strategies.

‘We don’t expect everyone will like every episode,’ Patrick says, ‘but we hope to accumulate a catalogue that our diverse audience can scroll through, and find useful information.’

Did you know?

  • Adam Curry and Dave Winer are credited with the invention of the podcast in 2004
  • In 2005, podcast was the ‘word of the year’ in the New Oxford American Dictionary (a combination of ‘pod’ from Apple’s iPod and ‘cast’ from broadcast)
  • George W Bush was the first American president to podcast—in 2005, he began to podcast his weekly address to the nation
  • In June 2013, Apple had one billion podcast subscribers
  • International Podcast Day is celebrated on 30 September each year—www.internationalpodcastday.com

To listen to Avicast

On your PC or laptop

Go to the Avicast page on the Avisure website, and click on the podcast episode you wish to listen to.


On your mobile device

Go to iTunes or Apple Podcasts (for iPhones), or Google Podcasts for Androids, type Avicast in the search bar, select Avicast, and click on the subscribe button beside the podcast artwork. Each episode will be downloaded to your library for future listening. 

Listen of Avicast (Avisure Podcast)on Apple Podcasts
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