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Birdstrike committees

Volunteer resources—Australia

Links to Papers

ICAO 2012 Doc 9137 Wildlife Control Reduction 4th Ed. (Category: International Recommendations)

ICAO 2002 Doc 9184 Land Use & Environmental Control 3rd Ed. (Category: International Recommendations)

Qld SPP 2002 1-02 Development in the Vicinity of Airports. (Category: Policy)

Thorpe 2012 100 Years of Fatalities and Destroyed Civil Aircraft due to Bird Strikes (Category: Paper-published)

Transport Canada Sharing the Skies (Category: Report/Guidance Material)

Allan 2000 The Costs of Bird Strikes (Category: Paper-published)

Shaw 2004 Survey Risk Assessment (Category: Paper-unpublished)

Patrick & Shaw 2013 Bird Strike Hazard Management Programs at Airports-What Works? (Category: Paper-published)

CASA MOS Part 139 (Category: Regulation)

NASF Guidelines (Category: National Australian Framework)

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