Western Sydney landscape review

Client | Western Sydney Planning Partnership
Location | Sydney (NSW), Australia 
Service | Landscape review

The Western Sydney Planning Partnership engaged Avisure to review and assess the proposed plant species list and landscaping guidelines for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. This extended on the work completed as part of a broader wildlife hazard assessment. The Western Sydney Planning Partnership fully appreciate that land use in the vicinity of Western Sydney Airport, if not carefully considered, may attract wildlife which can contribute to the airport’s wildlife strike risk.

In response, they aim to embed aviation safeguarding principles into the planning framework for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and the Western Parkland City in a way that balances airport safeguarding with achieving the Parkland Vision that includes 40% canopy cover. Avisure reviewed the landscaping species list prepared by the Western Sydney Planning Partnership and provided an assessment of the risk in context of the proposed plant species.

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