Introducing Joel Curtis

Welcome Joel Curtis

Joel Curtis is Avisure’s newest employee, undertaking a Graduate Wildlife Biologist role on the Gold Coast. 

Joel completed a Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Biology) at Griffith University on the Gold Coast in 2021. During his studies, he collaborated with industry professionals to report on possible methods for habitat augmentation, in order to support endangered herptile species within South-east Queensland. Joel also documented an in-depth behavioural report on the Silver Gull (Larus novaehollandiae) and its interaction with anthropogenically introduced food sources, and the potential impacts these foraging habits have on populations throughout Australia. Joel’s passion for wildlife biology led him to working with professionals to care for native species such as koalas, dingoes and kangaroos at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. His time at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary left him with experience in animal handling and behavioural analysis.  

In his personal life, he spends time surfing, playing soccer, and socialising with friends and family. Joel is incredibly excited to joining the Avisure team and looks forward to working with you all.   

Joel surveying - desal - AS 2
Joel Curtis - Learning to use the whip for dispersal
Joel Curtis - Learning to use the whip for dispersal
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