Sydney Water assessment

Client | Sydney Water
Location | Sydney (NSW), Australia
Service | Off-aerodrome wildlife hazard assessment – wastewater treatment plant

We reviewed the proposed wastewater treatment facility located close to Western Sydney Airport. Wildlife attracted to the facility may infringe critical aircraft movement areas of the airport, presenting a risk to future aircraft operations. The review commented on the appropriateness of the facility’s design and assets, and the potential wildlife attraction, particularly as they related to open water sources, vegetation, nearby land uses and aircraft flight paths.

We provided Sydney Water with advice regarding land-use design principles around airports and assessing the potential risk of the facility from a wildlife strike perspective. We also provided recommendations for mitigating any potential wildlife risks. The project was guided by key material (e.g. National Airports Safeguarding Framework, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and the Australian Airports Association) and our 30-year experience in mitigating wildlife strike risks at airports in Australia and internationally. We delivered our findings to Sydney Water and facilitated a risk workshop over two sessions.

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