Tyler and Owl - YVR

Our people – Tyler Rogers​

Tyler Rogers joined the Avisure Services team in Canada in 2014 to work as a Wildlife Management Technician at Vancouver International Airport. Since 2014 Tyler has accumulated +15,000 hours of technical airside driving working with airside safety officers and air traffic control to mitigate wildlife hazards at one of the busiest airports in Canada. This involved training over 50 new wildlife management technicians, entering active runways hundreds of times, firing thousands of pyrotechnics, and trialing all the new tools the program had to offer. He was one of the first to use bird radar in real time to manage waterfowl both during the day and at night. He became a laser safety officer to help ensure the team’s safe application of the tool. He operated boats for hundreds of hours in varying tides and weather conditions to control large flocks of geese. Tyler was Avisure’s senior raptor handling trainer and the most experienced hovercraft pilot/trainer. He’s also completed more reports than he can count on hazardous species, bird strikes, safety management system reviews, safety operating systems, etc.

Tyler very much enjoyed his time with Avisure Services at Vancouver International Airport but has made the move to Australia to be with his wife (one of the many Australians living in Vancouver to see snow) and see what wildlife and airports are like in the southern hemisphere. Tyler is looking forward to photographing new landscapes, airports and wildlife. He is also keen on learning everything about aviation in a new country. The warm weather and not getting rained on every day is also a perk.

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