General Manager - Jill Brix- Team Avisure

General Manager – Jill Brix

We are popping the champagne cork! We are so excited about Australia opening back up that we have themed our second quarter of the financial year ‘celebration’! Airport Safety Week was a great kick start for Avisure wildlife biologist, Alexandra Stone and I who participated in the Gold Coast Airport FOD Walk. It felt like a party; we all enjoyed the simple pleasures of catching up and meeting people in person again, while walking airside on what has to be a top candidate for the cleanest apron in Australia. I’m sure that this excitement will continue as we start seeing our industry take flight once more and we are able to have more face-to-face engagement.

For us, the COVID-19 restrictions have seen the logistics of planning projects akin to a MacGyver show, getting vehicles towed across borders, keeping staff ‘captive’ in their ‘states’ and for some ‘bound’ to their location or home office; having back-up and support plans and knowing that each day could see yet another change or health threat. We have all become adept at the various meeting and webinar platforms, and in October we were again proud to be involved with the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) webinar series. As the Event Manager for the AAWHG I was particularly happy to see the huge amount of planning that goes into these events come to fruition. Many thanks to my AAWHG event management colleagues, Margo Marchbank (Koru Communication) and Eric Loteyro (Regional Express), supported by our chair Ash Mc Alpine (CASA) and fabulous executive team who made this event happen. At this webinar, Ronel Jit, our Regional Manager and Defence Industry Scientist of the Year Finalist, in collaboration with Ventia’s Regional Manager Environmental Services – SA Defence Base Services, Giles Standish, presented on the Defence projects that the Avisure team have been instrumental in successfully implementing for over a decade. We wish Ronel all the best for success when the Defence Industry Scientist of the Year award is announced in mid-December.

All in all, it’s been a challenging but rewarding few months, and on behalf of the Avisure team, continuing my celebration theme, ‘Cheers!’. I wish you and your business well as we enter the COVID recovery phase, and am looking forward to catching up with as many of you in person as I can.

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