Gold Coast International Airport wildlife management

Client | Gold Coast International Airport
Location | Gold Coast (QLD), Australia
Service | Wildlife Hazard Management Program – Canine Dispersal

Avisure has had the pleasure of working with Gold Coast Airport since 1997, having been initially brought in for wildlife strike advice. During our long-standing relationship of 20 years, Avisure has assisted in developing and implementing one of Australia’s most comprehensive and successful wildlife hazard management programs. This success comes not only from the quality of programs, but importantly, from the airport’s ongoing commitment to safety.

Over these last two decades, the program has included a number of milestones, including Australia’s first canine wildlife dispersal program. Avisure introduced Joe, a wildlife dispersal dog, to Gold Coast Airport in 2010 following a long and comprehensive training program with his handler by dog trainer Craig Murray, and extensive risk assessments and trials by Gold Coast Airport. Joe’s presence introduced a real predator to the airport environment, effectively and humanely dispersing wildlife from inaccessible areas. He was particularly effective in dispersing ducks from waterbodies and airside drains.

Avisure’s relationship with Gold Coast Airport has extended to include monthly wildlife surveys airside and within 13km of the aerodrome, engagement and management of off-airport sites, including Veolia Desalination Plant and Tugun Leagues Club, pest management, wildlife hazard management training, risk assessments and audits, and provision of Work Safety Officers.

Over the years, Gold Coast Airport have trialled and assessed various management tools and techniques associated with vegetation and grass, water and drains, airport infrastructure, and waste management. Avisure’s relationship with Gold Coast Airport has also seen the development of species-specific management plans for flying-foxes, vertebrate pests, weed management, and risk assessments and landscaping reviews for development and construction works including the Tugun Bypass, Apron and Terminal Expansion, and the Gold Coast Airport Hotel.

Both Avisure and Gold Coast Airport consider themselves to be one team, utilising each other’s strengths to continue to improve wildlife hazard management at the airport, maintaining the airport’s strong safety culture. Avisure is very proud to be working with Gold Coast Airport, to be part of their expanding program and the airport’s continued growth.

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