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Fulcrum© – Could this be a solution for you?

Avisure Services (AVS) subscribes to Fulcrum©, a no-code software as a service (SaaS) platform that streamlines mobile data collection, automates workflows, and provides data-driven insights. We use Fulcrum to track and contain gaps found in the fences of airports which coyotes use to access the airfield.

We are quite familiar with the fences, having patrolled them 24 hours a day for the past six years, but the coyotes are even more familiar, very persistent, and clever. This is highlighted by the number of access points—100 plus—we have blocked in the last year alone to try and keep them from entering the airfield.

Over the years, we have closed gaps found in the fences, whether they were small flaws leftover from construction, or holes excavated by the coyotes themselves. Fulcrum has allowed us to create a simple form to make it easy for everyone on our team to reference previously discovered breaches and monitor them until they are contained. The fact that the Fulcrum app is conveniently available on a variety of devices gives everyone on our team the ability to access the information using their personal devices, or the company device kept in the patrol vehicle. This allows for quick entries to be added easily and keeps the database information current. 

Coyote images using Fulcrum - Avisure
Fulcrum tracking with trail cameras
Fulcrum Screenshot - Avisure
Screenshot from Fulcrum App
Fulcrum Screenshot2 - Avisure
Screenshot from Fulcrum App
Tableau and Fulcrum - Avisure

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Keeping records of all activity related to your aerodrome’s wildlife hazard management is fundamental to the Wildlife Hazard Management Plan. 

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