Canberra Airport compliance assessment

Client | Canberra Airport Pty Ltd
Location | Canberra (ACT), Australia 
Service | Compliance assessment

Canberra Airport commissioned Avisure to provide a 360-degree audit on the airport’s safety management system (SMS). Canberra Airport requested Jill Brix, Avisure Principal Consultant, to conduct the audit based on her operations experience at other airports. The aim of the 360-degree audit was to verify:

  • SMS documentation compliance with legislation
  • That the SMS was achieving its objectives
  • The effectiveness of the SMS’s implementation.

The audit also aimed to provide Canberra Airport with recommendations to improve their SMS beyond the current status quo, to achieve industry best practice.

Legislation and guidance material for aerodrome safety management systems was used to assess compliance; however, due to their detailed description, legislation for air transport operators and international guidance material were also assessed.

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