Avisure's expertise goes global

Avisure’s expertise goes global

Avisure has been supporting the aviation industry for over 25 years, and as their collective knowledge grew, shared that expertise globally. One positive from the pandemic has been the growth and refinement of online meeting and webinar technology, which has brought even greater opportunities for global knowledge sharing. In the last few months, Avisure wildlife specialists have increased their presence on the international stage through presentation at a number of online events.

The International Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) has run its global Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) program, designed to promote aviation safety through the adoption of a common aviation safety assessment and audit protocol, for over ten years. BARS members include major global mining and resources companies, such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, as well as government and humanitarian aid agencies, such as the UN World Food Program. They operate in often remote and challenging environments, which can present diverse wildlife hazards. The FSF invited Avisure GM, Jill Brix, therefore, to present at a recent BARS online Technical Advisory Committee (TAC25) meeting on ‘Best practices in wildlife hazard management’.

Her presentation, which gave an overview of wildlife hazard management, and its regulatory and operational framework (the four Ds: deter, detect, deny and defend) was very well received by the 74 participants from over 16 countries. Feedback to the Flight Safety Foundation was very positive, with the presentation being extremely popular with participants from the contract aviation sector, who found the content ‘both fascinating and timely’. Jill Brix said she enjoyed sharing Avisure’s expertise with BARS program members and looks forward to the future opportunities that being a FSF member presents.

Avisure principal consultant, Kylie Patrick, also presented as part of the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group’s (AAWHG) involvement in the second International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) webinar on wildlife hazard management. Following the success of the inaugural AAWHG webinar in September 2020, attendees requested follow-up webinars to drill down into more detail on some of the topics, with the first in the follow-on series being on wildlife hazard management plans.

AAWHG chair, Ashley McAlpine, introducing the 18 May webinar, said for any wildlife hazard management solution to be effective all aviation industry stakeholders must collaborate – airports, airlines, ATC, ground handlers, pilots, maintenance engineers, and off-airport bodies, such as local government – it was not just an airport responsibility.

Ninety-three people logged on to watch the presentations from the AAWHG team, as well as participating in the engaging and insightful Q&A which followed. Kylie Patrick’s presentation gave attendees more detail about requirements for a compliant wildlife hazard management plan. The webinar was recorded, so you can watch her presentation, which begins at about the 09:36 minute mark, on the webinar video.

As volunteer members of the AAWHG, Avisure is pleased to support these ICAO wildlife hazard management webinars, and is looking forward to presenting at the remaining seminars in the 2021 series, in July and September.

What is wildlife hazard management
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