Alexandra Stone – Young Airports Professional scholarship winner

Winner of the Australian Airports Association’s (AAA) 2019 scholarship.

Avisure’s Wildlife Biologist, Alexandra Stone, was one of the winners of the Australian Airports Association’s (AAA) 2019 scholarship to attend the national conference on the Gold Coast. Thanks to Melissa Evans and Canberra Airport, Alexandra attended all four days of the national conference as a Young Airports Professional scholarship winner.

Although Alexandra has worked in the aviation industry for three years, this was her first time attending an AAA conference. The scholarship included not only attendance to the conference, but also flights and accommodation for the winner. Thanks to Canberra Airport, Alexandra was able to meet national and international aviation professionals, such as the CEO of Vancouver Airport and the Head of Security at Gatwick Airport, attend presentations on security risks and safety management systems, and join discussions in current industry topics such as drone security and wildlife hazard management.

‘It was a fantastic and memorable experience,’ Alexandra said. ‘I am forever grateful to Canberra Airport for sponsoring my scholarship and the AAA for establishing an amazing program. I was able to expand my knowledge in this growing industry and pass on my skills in wildlife hazard management to the industry. I will remember this experience for years to come and encourage anyone in the industry to apply for a scholarship.’ Following attending the national conference, the AAA has invited Alexandra to deliver a presentation on ‘The New Age of Data Management’ at the Ops Swap in Sydney in 2020.

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