Gold Coast Airport

A relationship of over 20 years—Gold Coast Airport

We have had the pleasure of working with Gold Coast Airport since 1997, when they first brought Avisure in for wildlife strike advice. During our long-standing relationship—over 20 years—Avisure has assisted Gold Coast Airport in providing on-ground dispersal, delivering wildlife hazard management training, performing on- and off-airport wildlife surveys, wildlife egg and nest removal, performing significant strike investigations, planning and landscaping advice, stakeholder liaison and more.

Over these last two decades, Gold Coast Airport has implemented one of Australia’s leading wildlife hazard management programs. The program has included a number of milestones such as, but not limited to, the country’s first canine dispersal program, grass management and other research trials, and engagement and support to off-airport stakeholders, such as Veolia Water Operations and Gold Coast City Council. The airport was one of the founding members of the Southern Ibis Management Coordination Group, which they initiated in 1996, cooperation with Gold Coast City Council, Tweed Shire Council and other stakeholders. The airport continues to be a member of the group, which aims to manage the negative impacts of ibis effectively, while retaining a stable regional population in the Gold Coast and Tweed region. This not only benefits the airport by reducing the bird strike risk, but also shows their continued commitment to biodiversity.

Aviation has been one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in operational changes nationwide. While some airports had to make the difficult decision to modify their wildlife management operations, Gold Coast Airport did not. The airport has a very strong safety culture embedded into the team, from the aerodrome reporting officers who disperse wildlife daily and liaise with pilots, ground crew and neighbouring facilities; to upper management who oversee the program and rectify wildlife hazards brought to their attention, immediately. The safety culture is so deeply embedded in the team that the airport retained and continued Avisure’s wildlife hazard management services in their current format. This included monthly on- and off-airport surveys, an airside and landside wildlife egg and nest removal program, wildlife hazard assessment and management plan updates, landscaping reviews, wildlife hazard management training, and engagement in the Runway Safety Committee.

Both parties, Avisure and Gold Coast Airport, consider themselves to be one team, utilising each other’s strengths to continue to improve wildlife hazard management at the airport, maintaining the airport’s strong safety culture. Avisure is very proud to be working with Gold Coast Airport, to be part of their expanding program and the airport’s continued growth, and looks forward to continuing this successful partnership in the future.

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