Introducing Halle Gulbrandsen - Avisure

Welcome Halle Gulbrandsen

Halle Gulbrandsen is very excited to be joining the Avisure team as a wildlife management technician at YVR. 

Halle had been completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia when she decided to do a 180-degree change and start training toward a career in aviation, like her parents. Shortly after enrolling in flight training, she was hired as a dispatcher for her flight school, Sea Land Air Flight Centre, where she has since gained years of hands-on aviation experience. After graduating from UBC and earning her commercial pilot licence, Halle spent a year working as a first officer for a charter company, flying the King Air 90 across BC. Now, she is in the process of obtaining her instructor rating in hopes of eventually teaching others how to fly. Outside work, Halle still writes (the BFA was not a total waste!) and her fiction and poetry can be found sporadically in Canadian literary magazines. She enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with her family, friends and dog. 

Halle is very much looking forward to working with everyone!

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