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Silver Gulls_Toby Hudson 2011

Species Spotlight: Silver Gulls

Fish and chips on the beach, mobbing silver gulls: it’s the authentic Australian seaside picnic. Adept natural scavengers and especially chip thieves, silver gulls enjoy a flexible diet.

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Message from the General Manager - Jill Brix

Message from the GM – Jill Brix

Christmas is fast approaching, and we look forward to our varied family traditions. Here at Avisure we also end the year with a tradition, and although for the second year we not are not able to catch up in person, it will not stop us from celebrating our team and the year that was.

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jumpstory-Kangaroo 1

Species Spotlight – Kangaroo

thern hemisphere, kangaroos have the dubious distinction of topping the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB) statistics for the number of damaging strikes by a terrestrial animal

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jumpstory-Turkey Vulture 3

Species Spotlight – Turkey Vulture

Our northern hemisphere spotlight species rarely receives an ’Ahhhh, cute’, but they do play a crucial role in ecosystems, and an outsized role in wildlife management at airports. Turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) are the most widely distributed vulture in the western hemisphere.

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