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Message from the GM - Jill Brix

Message from the GM – Jill Brix

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022 – the time sure flies when you’re having fun! This year has not disappointed; but despite the global pandemic, La Niña, floods, fuel hikes etc, we continue to keep optimistic about aviation.

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Message from Jeff Follett General Manager

Message from Jeff Follett GM

We are lucky to be part of a passionate and committed group of professionals in the bird strike industry. The World Birdstrike Association (WBA), for example, just finished up an excellent virtual webinar.

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Welcome to the team Jordan Scott

Welcome to the team Jordan Scott

Jordan completed twin bachelor’s degrees from the University of Adelaide in environmental science and sustainable environments in 2019, joining the National Parks and Wildlife Service as a project firefighter the following year.

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Black Kites

Did you know that black kites, (Milvus migrans), which are on the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s top 10 species struck list, are likely to be an even higher strike risk following record rainfall on Australia’s east coast so far this year?

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