Welcome to the team Jordan Scott

Welcome to the team Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott, a graduate wildlife biologist, has recently joined Avisure’s Adelaide office. Jordan completed twin bachelor’s degrees from the University of Adelaide in environmental science and sustainable environments in 2019, joining the National Parks and Wildlife Service as a project firefighter the following year.

In 2021, as a landscape officer with the South Australian Northern and Yorke Landscape Board, he worked on the Marna Banggara project. This project, named for the traditional custodians of the Yorke Peninsula, the Narungga people, aims to restore southern Yorke Peninsula’s striking landscape. By eliminating feral pests such as cats, and reintroducing locally extinct native species such as the brush-tailed bettong and red-tailed phascogale, the project aims to ‘rewild’ approximately 170,000 ha of the southern peninsula. One of the highlights for Jordan was reintroducing 40 brush-tailed bettongs into their historic habitat. He says ‘It was a fantastic culmination of a lot of hard work put into the project’.

In his spare time, Jordan likes to spend time volunteering for friends of parks groups and loves visiting the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary.

‘I am passionate about environmental conservation and the protection of habitats. One of the best pieces of advice I followed was to find something that you’re passionate about and then work out what steps you need to take to make a career out of it.’ Jordan is looking forward to bringing that passion for environmental conservation to inform his new role in aviation wildlife management.

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