Ensuring a safe working environment for all.


Avisure Works Safety Officers have a thorough knowledge and experience in airport operations including the legal and safety requirements surrounding airport construction projects. We promote a pragmatic approach that ensures minimal disruption of normal airport activity; allows construction teams to “get the job done”, yet affords maximum safety by rigorously adhering to regulations.

We are committed to working as an extension of your safety team to achieve best results in the following areas:

  • adherence to relevant safety and security requirements for works carried out in security restricted areas of all airports
  • communication of safety and security requirements to all relevant stakeholders
  • facilitation of work progress
  • relationship management of key stakeholders involved in airport safety, security and construction activity
  • FOD sweeping

Our Works Safety Officers have:

  • Current Australia-wide ASICs
  • Authority to drive airside at several airports in fully equipped 4wd vehicles
  • Blue and Green ‘Construction safety induction’ cards
  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer certificates (ARO)
  • Day/night Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)
  • Radio Telephone Operators Certificate
  • Specialised bird and wildlife training to disperse and remove wildlife hazards