Avisure oversees the Vancouver International Airport wildlife management program.

Avisure has taken the foundation of this operation and helped propel the program to another level. The potential exists to make YVR’s program the world’s benchmark, and we would see it as a privilege to be part of YVR’s team to achieve that status.

The key, we believe, is integration and using our wildlife management skills, combined with the understanding of airport operations to make the program highly effective. Key components of the program:

  • Strategic direction and stakeholder engagement (YVR)
  • Habitat management, on- and off-airport bird and mammal monitoring, training, data analysis, reporting, raptor trapping program (Airport Wildlife Management International)
  • Falconry program (Pacific Northwest Raptors)
  • Active management program – including Snow Goose Control and Dog Handler Programs (Avisure)
  • Utilise this tremendous resource base in the most efficient and effective manner.