Avisure oversees the Vancouver International Airport wildlife management program.

YVR has some serious wildlife hazards (thousands of Snow Geese every winter for a start!). In response, Avisure has worked with the Vancouver Airport Authority to develop a global benchmark in wildlife hazard management programs. Key to its success is the integrated use of expertise, the commitment of the airport operator, and the 24/7 management of hazards.

However, for it to work efficiently (i.e. reduce the strike rate and manage hazards), effective program coordination is essential, this includes coordinating the efforts of:

  • YVR - who is responsible for strategic direction and stakeholder engagement
  • Airport Wildlife Management International – who manage habitats, monitor wildlife, report, and coordinate the raptor trapping program
  • Pacific Northwest Raptors – who runs the falconry program
  • Avisure – who is responsible for the 24/7 active management of airside and landside wildlife hazards, including a small team of trained dogs.

Avisure has proudly taken on the role of program driver since 2012, and our brilliant team of Wildlife Management Technicians are helping us take it to the next level