Assisting with the development and implementation of Mackay Airport's Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

Avisure has been consulting to Mackay Airport since 2005, assisting with the development and implementation of their Wildlife Hazard Management Plan. With a strong commitment to an integrated approach to managing wildlife risks, their program incorporates monitoring, reporting, auditing, and risk assessments, with equal importance given to both on and off-airport hazards. Their program also sees Avisure delivering various training programs and workshops for Mackay Airport staff.

With migratory wader birds a particular concern for the airport, Avisure (then Ecosure) facilitated a study to assess the impacts of a  proposed runway extension on the adjacent waderbird populations at Shellgrit Creek and Illawong Beach. The project consolidated waderbird data collected on site to determine the increase in strike risk, potential impact on waderbird populations and recommendations for waderbird habitat compensation in the Mackay region.