Avisure has helped in developing and implementing an integrated wildlife management program.

Our relationship with Ballina Airport commenced in 2005 following a site assessment that identified a series of wildlife hazards associated with several off-airport land uses in close proximity to the airfield, as well several on airport issues. Ballina Airports commitment to developing and implementing an integrated management program provided Avisure with the opportunity to develop high-level options to manage risks associated with flying-foxes, Ballina Landfill, and Australian White Ibis to name a few. Under the guidance of Avisure, Ballina Airport was one of the first Australian airports to develop a proactive approach to flying-fox strike management, and the issuing of Wildlife hazard Notifications for pilots.

In addition to the development and ongoing implementation of the airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Plan, Avisure continues to provide Ballina Airport with a range of services including on- and off-airport monitoring, regular program audits and risk assessments, and the delivery of various training programs and workshops for Ballina Airport staff. Avisure also provides additional people-power for periods of intense wildlife dispersal.