Wildlife Hazard Assessment, Wildlife Management Program and ongoing daily management.

In 2010 Avisure facilitated an audit of the RAAF Amberley wildlife management program, including a risk assessment. From September 2011 to 2013 an Avisure Wildlife Management Officer (Biologist) had been dedicated to the daily assessment and management of their wildlife strike risks. Key to the success has been the implementation of an aircraft and wildlife separation model. Key project elements included:

  • Daily wildlife hazard dispersal – observer-based separation
  • Fortnightly on- and off-airport standardised surveys
  • Monthly reporting to highlight project success, current risks, and management recommendations
  • Regular risk assessments
  • Technical input into on-base vegetation management to limit wildlife attraction
  • Technical input into the management of off-base land uses that attract wildlife into RAAF AMB airspace
  • Distribution of Bird Hazard Notifications in response to acute wildlife risks
  • Identification of management gaps and implementation of addition programs
  • Technical review of RAAF AMB documentation relating to wildlife hazard management (i.e. Standard Operating Procedures, Standing Instructions etc)