Biologist and project manager in the field of airport wildlife management, Tanya Drapeau currently leads the Avisure Services team at Vancouver International Airport. Tanya joined Avisure in October 2016 and brings with her more than 10 years’ experience from both Civil and Military airports in Canada, as well as from wildlife management contracts performed on landfills and other industrial sites.

As a scientific communicator, she has developed and delivered exceptional environmental outreach programs for a wide range of audiences and has prepared and delivered workshops and training programs for the public and wildlife management personnel.

Her expertise extends to efficient operations and human resources management, as well as to dynamic internal and external communications, including social media and digital marketing.

Throughout her career, Tanya has been known for leading by example, for her pragmatic approach, and her strong work ethic. In 2009, she was awarded 2nd place by votes from the public in McGill University’s 6-word story contest. Her winning phrase… “Passion is contagious: Spread your virus”, such is the drive she brings to her projects.

Tanya has experience in:

  •  airside and groundside wildlife hazard assessment
  • wildlife strike risk management
  • wildlife strike management training
  • developing airport wildlife management programs
  • writing airport wildlife management plans
  • project management
  • wildlife management at waste landfills
  • stakeholder and client liaison/consultation
  • people management
  • preparation and delivery of workshops and training
  • protected species management in anthropomorphic sites
  • public outreach and environmental education
  • scientific report writing
  • animal training and falconry.