Dr. Jeff McKee

Principal Research Scientist

Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Genetics) (Honours 1)

Sydney University 1981

Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Sydney University 1985

Jeff has an eclectic and diverse background. After graduating science (genetics) with first class honours and then veterinary science in the early 80s he spent several years in mixed clinical practice before moving on to managing a diagnostic laboratory. The late 80s found him engaged in a broad scale disease eradication program (Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication Campaign) in northern Australia and then on to more academic areas gaining experience in molecular biology and immunology. During this period Jeff worked in both the university and corporate R&D sectors in Australia and abroad.

After returning to Australia in 1994 Jeff consolidated and directed his experience into wildlife human- conflict management and disease ecology and has been engaged in those areas ever since. He, along with others, founded the regional Ibis Management Coordination Group (IMCG), the south east Queensland Wildlife Veterinarians Special Interest Group (WVSIG) and the Mobile Disease Ecology Unit (MDEU).  He is a member of the of the Wildlife Disease Association, the Koala Research Network and the Australian Bat Clinic. He regularly presents at conferences and has published in a variety of disciplines.

Jeff’s experience makes him ideally suited to support Ecosure projects particularly in the areas of quality control and foundation science. He is also heavily engaged in project design and developing new areas of expertise within the company. Jeff has a keen interest in aviation, has a commercial pilot’s licence and is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI).

Jeff has experience in:

  • aviation wildlife management
  • birdstrike Incident Investigation
  • wildlife medicine and disease ecology
  • risk assessment and auditing
  • project design, logistics and quality control
  • forensic wildlife investigation
  • in-situ wildlife health assessment
  • molecular virology
  • aerial survey

Professional Associations

  • Wildlife Disease Association (WDA)
  • South-east Queensland Wildlife Veterinarians Special Interest Group(WVSIG)
  • Australian & International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ASASI and ISASI)
  • International Society for Infectious Diseases ISID.

Licences and Permits

  • Queensland Veterinary Registration
  • Aviation Security Identification ASIC AUS 179251
  • Commercial Pilots License SE CS RET, Night VMC
  • Aviation Reporting Officer ARO Course  & Airside Drivers License Category  3EN
  • Radar Systems Course Certificate UNSW ADFA
  • Weapons Categories A, B and H
  • Vehicle – Heavy rigid and motorbike
  • First Aid CPR
  • General Construction Site Induction QLD and NSW
  • QLD Blue card


  • Director, Australian Bat Clinic
  • Steering Committee, Koala Research Network
  • Associate supervisor for PhD Students, University of Queensland
  • Australian Air Force Cadets, Aviation Instructor