Aaron has been working as a Wildlife Management Technician since August 2014, and has also taken on the role of relief assistant site manager. Aaron brings to Avisure a variety of qualifications and experiences. Prior to working with Avisure he worked as part of a team to protect and restore estuaries in the Parksville-Qualicum Beach area of Vancouver Island, conducted population surveys of Canada Geese, addled eggs to control their numbers, conducted surveys of estuarine vegetation, helped create enclosures to restrict goose access and control damage done to vulnerable plant species, restored ecologically-important sedges in areas where they have been removed by Canada Geese, and talked with the public about issues facing local estuaries.

Aaron also has strong skills in data entry and word processing with Microsoft Office and data analysis with NCSS, excellent written and oral communication skills and experience with field, lab, and office work. Aaron has been involved in hiring, training, and supervising new employees.

Aaron has experience in:

  • mitigating wildlife-aircraft conflict using passive and active techniques
  • conducting bird surveys of the airfield
  • entering and analysis data
  • supervising technicians working on the airfield
  • preparing reports for the client

Project experience

  • Wildlife Management Technician - YVR

Licences and Certifications

  • RAIC (Restricted Area Identification Card/Security pass)
  • D-AVOP (Airside Vehicle Operator Permit
  • ROC-A (Restricted Operator Certificate- Aeronautical)
  • Class 5 BC driver’s license with experience driving both standard and automatic
  • Possession and acquisition firearms license (PAL)
  • Pleasure Craft Operators Card
  • LIA laser safety officer certification