New Manual of Standards (MOS)

Is your airport ready for the new Manual of Standards (MOS)? Requirements to manage wildlife hazards have changed and these provisions will come into effect in August 2020. Now is the time get your ducks in a row (or plovers, or magpies, or whatever species is creating a strike risk at your airport) and our wildlife experts at Avisure can help you.

We can provide training to your wildlife management and safety teams that are not only compliant with the new MOS but is customised to reflect your wildlife issues and operations.

Our Wildlife Hazard Assessments evaluate your entire program, from documentation to implementation, and includes a detailed compliance check against CASA regulations. This is the perfect way to see how you are travelling against the MOS and identify any gaps.

We can also help document your program (i.e. plans and procedures) in a way that complies with the new MOS and is commensurate with your operations and wildlife hazards.