Lucky the Fairy Martin

During Avisure’s monthly wildlife surveys in the Gold Coast region, a Fairy Martin chick fell into a drain from its nest in front of Avisure’s biologist and wildlife technician. As the chick had not yet grown its flight feathers or had learned to fly, the chick was at risk of drowning. Quick to action, the team managed to save the chick from the water and was scooped up into an Avisure cap.

It was fortuitous that the chick happened to fall in the drain in front of Avisure staff as if the team had been earlier or later to the site, the chick would not have made it. Considering the chick’s luck, the chick was called ‘Lucky’. Lucky was quickly transported to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for immediate treatment.

Lucky was at the hospital for several days, however, unfortunately, due to a large number of ticks found on his body, he passed away peacefully in care.

Despite the sad ending, we should all try to continue helping wildlife in any way we can. That can be leaving buckets of water in your yard during drought, driving at low speeds at night-time, or even donating supplies such as baby wipes or syringes to local wildlife carers. As human civilisation progresses there can be peaceful coexistence with wildlife, we just have to play a small part in it.