Flying Vets Talk Turkey

David Hayes from New Zealand spent a week in January on the Gold Coast visiting family and kindly took time out of his schedule to join Jill Brix and Jeff McKee from Avisure, for lunch on the Burleigh foreshore.  David is the manager of Hood Airport (NZMS), Masterton, located on the North Island about 40nm north-east of Wellington. David is also is a board member of the NZ Airports Association.

Hood airport, although a small regional, is busy and unique:  it is a GA and warbird hub, host to the Sport and Vintage Aviation Society and one of the few airports remaining that support working replica World War I aircraft, including the notorious and fatal Fokker Dr.1 Triplane.

Like the airport he serves, David is also busy and unique: he originally trained as a large animal veterinarian and pilot, flying around remote areas of northern Queensland servicing the BTEC program. He subsequently took up practice in New Zealand and eventually moved into the government Biosecurity arena.

David concurrently maintains his passion for aviation and on retiring from the animal health sector he took up the reins at Hood and on behalf of the NZAA embraced strong advocacy for safe regional airports.

We look forward to long and productive collaborations with David particularly in the areas of regional airport management and broadscale integrated wildlife management programs.

Figure 1.  The deadly Fokker Dr.1 Triplane preferred weapon of the Red Baron. Also notorious for dropping out of the sky and crashing due to wing failure (wings falling off!).