Faces of Avisure | Alexandra Stone

Alexandra Stone
Wildlife Biologist

Alexandra's passion for wildlife began during a trip to South Africa in 2002. Being up close with exotic wildlife, in particular, a lioness and her cubs, sparked her passion at a young age.

In 2011, Alexandra worked as a trainee veterinary nurse at Greencross Vets where she earned a Certificate II in Animal Studies. From there, it reaffirmed her desire to work with animals, particularly with wildlife. In 2013 Alexandra moved to Gatton where she undertook a bachelor’s degree in applied science majoring in wildlife science. Alexandra graduated from the University of Queensland in 2017 and moved to the Gold Coast to take up the Wildlife Biologist role with Avisure.

Since she was a child, Alexandra always gravitated towards animals and the outdoors. She spent her childhood camping, in particular, North Stradbroke Island and in Northern NSW, such as Girraween National Park. In her spare time, Alexandra loves to cook and hike in local areas such as the Queensland Hinterlands, O’Reilly’s and Sunshine Coast.

Alexandra loves working for Avisure. Alexandra not only gets to work with wildlife but says “I get to work with extraordinary people”. Her work with Avisure has required her to travel to countries such as Singapore and New Zealand. Alexandra has found a love for aviation since working at Avisure, where she states “aviation is exhilarating, watching planes defy gravity and see families reunite. I also love helping people to stay safe by ensuring humane bird dispersals”. She says of her role at Avisure, “every day is different, and every day sees a new adventure, every day presents new challenges, and I love it!”

Alexandra believes firmly that people and wildlife can co-exist. By working at Avisure, and working with airports, she can help work achieve that co-existence.