How some of our employees broke into the industry.

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It’s a bit of a windy path how I got into airport wildlife management. My undergraduate degree focused on the hard science side of the field. After working in Suriname as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years, I really felt that the human dimension of natural resource management wasn’t sufficiently covered in my first round of university days. I went back to graduate school and obtained two master degrees in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development and International Affairs. For four years I applied my knowledge and experience to developing sustainable farming practices in South America. After my wife was recruited for a job in Australia, I started searching for (and found) a company whose mission included developing practical solutions to natural resource management issues. 

Jeff Follett - Manager 


I endeavour to provide effective and enjoyable relationships and environments for staff and clients by working with the people, processes and products of a company.

Sam Ziviani - Special Projects


 I was previously helping staff at RAAF Edinburgh with the excessive Ibis numbers on the airfield, and jumped at the chance to work for Avisure as an Airfield Safety Officer and a Wildlife Management Officer when they were successful with the contract to look after airside activities . To work for a respected professional company with dedicated and highly qualified  staff has been an absolute pleasure

Tony Goodwin - Wildlife Management Officer


I worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for five years before leaving Aviation to study Ecology at University. I developed a passion for ornithology and discovered Avisure, a company where I could combine my interests; using my aviation skills and knowledge while pursuing my love of birds and environmental management. I have nearly ten years experience rescuing wildlife for the RSPCA as well as having held various volunteer roles within captive animal and scientific research organisations. I enjoy managing human-wildlife interactions, such as those at airports, to achieve better outcomes for all involved.

Mandy Todd - Wildlife Biologist