Problematic areas on your airfield that are inaccessible to humans for wildlife dispersal or a large airfield that is difficult to cover on foot.


A specially trained dog and handler to manage wildlife hazards. The use of dogs as dispersal tools attempts to mitigate wildlife habituation to standard dispersal tools.

Our canine dispersal team provides an innovative way to manage your wildlife hazards. We have applied this option on a number of airfields and landfills, and we work closely with  Craig Murray who is an international award winning certified dog trainer. Together, Craig and Avisure introduced the first canine dispersal program in Australia at Gold Coast Airport. 

Using trained dogs to disperse wildlife has the following advantages:

  • dogs present an actual, as opposed to a perceived threat to wildlife, unlike human generated dispersal
  • wildlife instinctively avoid an area where a dog has been. This creates an residual effect even when the dog is not onsite
  • the use of a dog in scenarios that would otherwise require the use of firearms or pyrotechnics can reduce risk to staff, infrastructure and the associated cost of ammunitions
  • predatory presence of a dog is considered environmentally friendly
  • dogs can be used on legislatively protected species reducing the need for culling.

Avisure use only specifically trained dogs and handlers for airside dispersal.


Specially trained dogs use predatory behaviour that help them excel at intimidating and harassing wildlife on airports. They do not injure or harm the wildlife in anyway.

Avisure at Work

For over 20 years, we have driven the development and implementation of one of Australia’s most comprehensive and successful wildlife hazard management programs.

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