Misrepresentation of Lasers Used for Airport Wildlife Management.

Green 532nm lasers have proved useful for dispersing wildlife away from critical flight paths, thereby reducing the risk of collision between aircraft and wildlife (wildlife strike). However recent incidents in Europe, Oceania and North America have shown that some lasers advertised as suitable for use on airports are inadequately specified and under-classified. These misrepresented systems are a significant danger to air operations, personnel and wildlife as any safety procedures developed for their use are likely to be underestimated. Airports or other institutions that are planning to purchase or trial laser devices marketed for wildlife dispersal should ensure that, prior to commissioning a laser device, its classification and specifications are independently validated by an accredited testing agency and that commensurate safety protocols are adopted.

McKee J, Mallant R, van Gasteren H and Jamieson W.

Author for correspondence: Jeff McKee jmckee@avisure.com